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Effectuation: Fuel Your Startup's Success

Learn how to successfully manage entrepreneurial challenges using Effectuation from our expert Pierre Smits.

08.09.2023 | 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr | Online

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Effectuation: Fuel Your Startup's Success

Saras Sarasvathy has studied the behavior patterns of highly successful entrepreneurs. With Effectuation, she has identified an approach that structures the most reproducible patterns of action of these individuals. Unlike the traditional planning-based approach, which assumes that entrepreneurs have a specific goal and develop a plan to achieve it, Effectuation emphasizes the importance of creative collaboration and flexible action in uncertain, dynamic, and complex environments.

This approach helps you in small and large ways to improve your leadership skills, strengthen your entrepreneurial abilities, and increase your self-confidence. You will learn how to leverage resources, talents, and networks in your environment to discover and successfully implement new opportunities by focusing on controlling factors that you can actually influence.

  • Introduction to the basics of Effectuation
  • Differences between Effectuation and causal thinking with prediction of the future
  • Exercises on the principles of Effectuation
  • Real life examples
  • Learning the basics and principles of Effectuation in order to be able to act even in uncertain and complex situations
  • Improving the ability to think and act like successful entrepreneurs and to use this in one’s own context
  • Startup & business founders
  • Executives

Effectuation: Learn how to manage entrepreneurial challenges with flexibility and creativity, and to use your resources, talents and networks effectively and to your advantage, in order to successfully maneuver uncertain, dynamic, and complex environments to the advantage of your business.


As an Agile Coach and Scrum Master, Pierre Smits creates positive learning environments in companies and teams. He lives and enables the added value through the promoted exchange of knowledge and experience at community events such as workshops, impulse lectures, Lean Coffees and Open Spaces. He particularly enjoys tackling problems in which supposedly opposing dogmas collide and loves to support companies and teams in finding joint value-adding solutions.

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